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Quizabled is a distinctive quizzing program for children and Youth who are Differently Abled which is organized by Seva-in-Action, Bengaluru (SIA) and powered by LTIMindtree. The event is designed to include five different categories of disability namely, Intellectual Disability (ID), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Visual Impairment (VI), and Hearing Impairment (HI).

Quizabled was conceptualized by Seva-in-Action in the year 2016 and was curated by 4 Edge Quizzing Solutions. The concept became a reality with LTIMindtree powering it since its inception. It is first of its kind in India, where children and youth with disabilities are given an opportunity to showcase knowledge and intellectual capabilities. The main purpose of this program is to provide a platform for the differently abled for knowledge development, to raise awareness by dispelling myths
about the potentials of children & youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and to promote and encourage participation of the differently abled in quizzing events and even take part in competitive exams in the future.
The initial Editions of ‘Quizabled’ were held physically at Bengaluru, Karnataka and in the year ‘2018’ it was expanded to other States in collaboration with The Spastics Society of Tamil Nadu (SPASTN)Chennai in Tamil Nadu and in collaboration with
Sujaya Foundation, Mumbai, Maharashtra. The physical event saw more than 2000 Children and Youth with disabilities take part in it. In the course of this Pandemic Era, ‘Quizabled’ was launched on a virtual platform in the year, 2020 -22 to keep up
with the new normal. By launching the event online, it has opened up a series of positive collaborations with our existing/new stakeholders, Corporate & NGO partners and also ascertaining that the interest and enthusiasm of the participants never faded.
In 2022, we are stepping into 8th year and expanding Quizabled event to Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Odisha and New Delhi. Way forward, we aim at making this platform an opportunity to disseminate and to showcase our approaches towards bringing about transformative changes in the society towards Inclusion, Advocacy and also Influence Policy Change. For more information - visit or

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